We've Got A Date! With destiny that is. Pete and Caleb are in medium to high celebrity mode, as we're hot on the case of several, if not more, celebrities. In a related pun, we've also updated the website pretty extensively. Most sections have been revamped at least a teensy bit, and we've added a few new sections. For starters, in the Celebrity pictorials, I've made the site more friendly for Mac users who previously have been unable to read the captions. Now they can have the story told to them in style...
Those frequent visitors to the site may notice two new sections, said sections being "Adventures" and "Links". Links is fairly self-explanatory, but I'll take the time to explain the Adventures section. You see, sometimes Pete and Caleb go on missions where our powers are not tested - Some are failed attempts, others are Non-Celebrity affiliated missions that just give more of a peek into the lives of our team. Simply put, the Adventures section is a record of those such missions.

9.19.02 Long Time No See. Celebrities that is. Most of it being due to the summer hiatus, the rest due to the unfortunate Paul Lurie Incident. But rest assured, with the original team united, Pete & Caleb Meet Celebrities is back in full swing, kicking things off on a high note with the Fonz of all Fonzies, Henry Winkler. We approached the Fonz with high expectations, expecting to get our regular series of 4 shots (which we've really only done once since the policy was instituted). In addition, Caleb hoped to get his mint condition copy of Cop & A Half on VHS autographed, not to mention his full-size movie poster for the movie in question. But, as always, the pictures tell the tale. Things didn't work out exactly as planned (an unexpected visit from ex-Pete replacement Paul Lurie comes to mind), and our duo made the trip home autograph-less, but full of good cheer. Good cheer, in this case (as in many), serving as inspiration as a bright light shines on a new era of Celebrity Meeting.
5.14.02 PETE CUT FROM THE TEAM (and other general updates). Holy crap! It's been so long since we've updated, i figured it was time to bring you all up to speed. Due to some internal struggles, and most importantly Pete's general slimy nature and cheativity, he's been exiled from Pete and Caleb Meet Celebrities. "But what now?" you loyal fans may be asking yourselves. And the answer is clear: we don't know.
___In an effort to keep the team going for a while, Caleb has found a temporary replacement, who just may take over full time if he works out. And who is this masked gentleman, you ask? Well he is none other than area man Paul Lurie! Now the story behind this is thus: P&C was developing a new section of their site called "Transitive Celebrity Meeting" in which we post pictures of people with celebrities, and then pictures of Pete and Caleb with those people, and place the pictures side by side. What we then have is second generation celebrity meeting, which is second only to the real thing. Eliminate the middleman, and you can't tell the difference. Anyway, Paul was the first middleman to be incorporated into the section, which was never completed. However, we are so confident in his celebrity meeting abilities, that we signed him on immediately.
___In more exciting news, Caleb is developing a new section of the website devoted to Celebrity Sightings (as opposed to the more rare celebrity meetings), where we just keep a running list of all the celebrities we see and don't get snapshots of. This section of the site will be interactive, and encourages fans to send in their own celebrity sighting, to be added to the list. Ideally, we will be able to "reconstruct" the lives of celebrities by tracking their every move, and I'd say that would be a beautiful thing. EMAIL or IM Caleb if you would like to report a celebrity sighting.
4.08.02 What the heck was that?! Pete and Caleb, curious to see just how the EVVYs were too good for them, decided to pay the fabled awards show a visit during the actual televised event. We'd like to say we were surprised and riveted thoughout the entire show, but alas, we'd be fools to think that. And liars to say it. We sat through three hours of back-patting, acceptance "speeches", and 1 pseudo-celebrity. Pete & Caleb, hoping that the much-hyped EVVY awards would bring with it a major (or minor) screen star, were not the least bit surprised when local newsman, Randy Price, was presented with a lifetime achievement award or something. Anyway, we did get a few things accomplished during the evening. Throughout the show we manages to compile a list of celebrities that Pete & Caleb wouldn't mind meeting at some point in the future. it went a little like this:
___1) The Olsen Twins
___2) The Crocodile Hunter
and aside from all that, Pete took a nap! Look at pics from the adventure here.
3.23.02 Blacklist, we bestow unto thee, The Evvy Awards. Yes, that is right. After submitting our modest site to this prestigious organization, we got snubbed come nominations time. Now, Pete and Caleb readily admit that lacks cutting edge flash technology or the most advanced new media design. However, it does make up for this in a little something we like to call the area of content. And if we were in the running with a plethora of other web sites, we could understand overlookation the site. However, upon the announcement of the nominees, it became clear to us that there were only TWO, yes TWO nominees. "What?" you may be asking yourself, "I thought there needed to be at least 3 nominees to have a category?" Well, friends, we're as lost as you. To the best of our knowledge, and to the knowledge of many unbiased strangers, that is the case. The EVVYs simply used us (not to mention our submission fee) to gain enough entries to make the category eligible, and then dumped us off like yesterday's b-list actors. For shame, EVVYs. For shame. And that is why you are not a celebrity.
Ok, this may be too much to handle in only 1 day, but Pete and Caleb have also got pictures with Alicia Silverstone! We must admit, there are no classic stories, or even really decent shots, but they are shots and they do contain the three main ingredients: Pete, Caleb, and Alicia Silverstone. The pictures won't be up until later tonight or tomorrow, because we want to give the Biggs pictorial time to settle. Check back tomorrow for the final installment of Pete & Caleb's "The Graduate" series.

JASON BIGGS AIN'T BE NO BLACKLISTED HOOOOOOOOO! Acting with a quickness, as today was our last chance to get Jason Biggs to agree to their one simple request, Pete and Caleb waited in Starbucks for his inevitable 6:30 stop. Unsure about their chances after the last 4-5 encounters with Mr. Biggs, they decided to stake out the corner in silence. Upon his arrival, Pete quickly snapped the opening shot guerilla-style. Next, employing a strategy invented for tonight's encounter, Pete and Caleb sat patiently until Biggs had both ordered his beverage, and finished talking on his phone (per his request, according to our last encounter). After a few soft repetitions of "Jason Biggs.... Jason Biggs," we caught our new friend's attention. After he looked over, Caleb was heard to ask "Jason Biggs, can we get a picture tonight?" Hesitant at first, he turned to putty in our hands after we reminded him of all the promises to us that he's broken in the past.

Himself asking a random stranger to take the picture, Biggs quickly posed for our initial three shot. Making small talk with their Biggs buddy, Caleb thanked him [note: Pete and Caleb always recommend thanking celebrities for their time], and mentioned that they were prepared to offer him a sum of up to $1.00 US currency if he'd said 'no', to which Jason Biggs responded, "I definitely would have done it for a dollar." All seemed to be going well for our dynamic duo until this point, when the flash seemed to be malfunctioning (i.e. not working). As Pete and Caleb looked into fixing the camera, Jason proceeded to pick up his drink and gather napkins, stirrers, and other drink-related accessories.
"Blast!" thought Caleb, realizing that Jason Biggs had most likely just slipped through their fingers. Pete agreed. But the gods were shining on their favorite two sons once again, when with a splash, Jason Biggs' coffee was all over the floor!
"Oh, man." Pete and Caleb were heard to say. Jason Biggs was heard to use less family-friendly talk. Realizing our window of opportunity, Pete and Caleb announced that they too would help clean up the spill. Grabbing a handful of napkins, we set out to right the situation. When Jason Biggs expressed his doubt that napkins would help too much, Caleb reassured him that he had not one, but several napkins. This is when Pete jumped in.
"But Jason, what you don't realize is that if we combine all of our napkins together, we will create the ultimate coffee-cleaning team!" Jason Biggs must have agreed because he proceeded to join Pete and Caleb in cleaning the spill. Noticing that our random stranger was still there with our camera, we asked him to snap a few shots, just for the memories.

As the cleanup operation was turned over to the hands of an able Starbucks employee with a big mop, Pete and Caleb hung around a little as Jason Biggs got his new coffee. Again he was once again gathering beverage-related accessories, Caleb, utilizing his new bond with Jason, spoke: "Jason Biggs, we don't mean to be jerks about all this but..."
"NO MORE PICTURES!" Biggs strongly interjected, but in a joking tone.
Never one to follow the rules exactly, Caleb shouted to Pete, "Get in there! Go! Go! Go!" at which point Pete sprang into action, getting our final shot. Having established a lifelong friendship with Jason Biggs, and having gotten enough shots, Pete and Caleb decided to call it a day. Bidding adieu to the third member of our little circle, we exited the coffee shop. End scene.

So in the end, we apologize for not getting our standard 4 shots. However, in emergency situations such as these, sometimes it is better just to settle for better random shots of you cleaning up spilled coffee with a celebrity. Pete and Caleb also learned some very important lessons in today's adventure: Never give up. When you set your heart to something, Jason Biggs can't stop you. And finally, when you want to take pictures of a celebrity for your internet site, slowly, over a period of several weeks, learn that celebrity's schedule, and happen to "bump" into him at random times until he feels guilty for blowing you off so many times and agrees to help you out. And you never can tell just when you'll make a new friend. Think about it.

3.02.02 Major updates to the site today. Be sure to fully explore the site to maximize enjoyment. As far as celebrities are concerned, Pete and Caleb practiced their planned mission to photograph Alicia Silverstone and Jason Biggs. With just as much excitement as a real live celebrity outing, this dry run convinced Pete and Caleb that they have what it takes to bag the two stars.
3.01.02 Even though she told us to "forget about it," Pete and Caleb were still determined to get the series of four shots with screen legend Kathleen Turner. But today, lady luck smiled upon our dynamic duo as Kathleen Turner was scheduled to give a short Q & A right across the street from where Pete and Caleb live! Waiting patiently for the celebrity to answer all the curious fans' questions, Pete and Caleb pounced as soon as the event was called to a close. Caleb, still feeling the coldness Ms. Turner exhibited during the first simple request, asked her, once again, for a picture. She replied by saying "no" three times, in a rather apologetic tone. Now, Pete and Caleb had only one option left: go in and take shots guerilla style. Their efforts paid off, as Kathleen Turner has now been added to the official list of celebrities Pete and Caleb have met. You can run, Kathleen Turner, but you cannot hide.


Pete and Caleb met Jason Biggs again tonight, but it appears that the hunters have now become the hunted. He is one step ahead of us. His new scheme is to talk on his cell phone as to avoid interruptions. He was (possibly) involved in a legitimate call when we first entered the javatorium. However, upon finishing the call, I got up to approach him, and he quickly snapped it back up to his ear, leaving me standing just feet away. After waiting for several minutes and "talking" on his cell phone, he grabbed his drink and left, followed by Pete and I. We crossed the street with him, and were heard to say "Jason Biggs!" At which point he asked us if there was something he could do to us, that would make us not follow him. We told him we had one simple request, and explained briefly just what it entailed. He claimed that we could get his picture "sometime when he's not on the phone." Well done Jason Biggs, well done. This hand goes to you. And that is why you are a celebrity.
2.25.02 Fixed some problems with the internal links, which were unaccessible to people with a screen res of 800x600. Now the entire site should be accessible through links under the main title. Also, we've adopted a temporary new logo, which was seen on the splash page.
2.24.02 Today Caleb met more celebrities, as he by chance happened to stop by WERS to assistant engineer a mix. And then, who walks by the station, but none other than Dan the Automator from Gorillaz? Nobody! It was him! He came in and hung around the station for a while, and did an interview and a few station drops. Unfortunately, Pete was not present, so the 1 simple request of a series of 4 shots was pointless. However, this does count as a celebrity meeting by definition, so it must be included on the site.
2.22.02 (11:15pm) WHAT A BUST. You won't believe this: Biggs blew us off! And although we met all three major stars (Alicia Silverstone, Kathleen Turner, and the aforementioned Biggs), none would agree to our simple request of 4 shots! Pete and I assumed this was just a front to discourage the truly uninitiated at the theatre exit. Therefore, we hightailed it up the street and down to the Ritz Carlton Towers, where the trio is staying. Upon the arrival of Kathleen Turner, we couldn't muster enough ambition to test her a second time, as we still heard her "Forget about it" echoing in our heads. However, Alicia Silverstone was about to crack and let out a diminuitive "no" when pressed. She was on the verge of cracking. Our old friend Biggs decided to NOT SHOW UP at the hotel in any fashion as the other cars, as we waited for an additional 15 minutes for him to fulfill his promise from earlier in the day. In all, we completed the first of what could be many more attempts to finally wow this crowd. In addition, Pete and I managed to do a little publicity work while in the field, casually dropping our names and web address to celebrities amd celebrity-seekers alike. Despite these minor setbacks, we still vow to bring you 4 images each of these 3 celebrities in mere days.
2.22.02 (7:30pm)

Added a sneak peak of Jason Biggs! We had a little run-in with the pie-guy where he told us "no pictures until after the show." We then managed to snap this shot of him smoking a cigarette. Stay tuned for a full update and pictorial as well as all the screen stars from The Graduate!

2.22.02 Launched the website today. We currently have a very loose structure without any fancy designs, but we needed to get it up as soon as possible to service YOU, our audience! After all, you came for the celebrities.... And speaking of which, today marks our second celebrity visitor to the building! A charming and cooperative Schuyler Fisk helped us out today with 4 great shots.