······ the black list ······
the following actors are/were jerks to us.
The EVVY Awards (3/22/02 - current)

After submitting www.geocities.com/peteandcalebmeetcelebrities to the EVVYs, we were, in the words of Pete: "Shut. Out." The funny part, however, is that there are only 2 nominations! Now I wonder where they could have found a third site to complete the category.....

Jason Biggs (2/22/02 - 3/7/02)

Biggs lied to us. And we never got our picture with him.

Update, 3/7/02 - Jason Biggs is the best celebrity! Totally joking around with us and letting us take pictures. His current blacklist status is "probationary" meaning that if he is not a jerk to us within the next 6 months, he's totally cool again!