Born polar opposites, Pete and Caleb have been archenemies since the day they first met.


Joined by a recipe of 1 part situational comedy, 1 part dumb luck, and a dash of spite thrown in for good measure, Pete and Caleb discovered that, when their powers of mutual disdain for each other combine, they make the ultimate celebrity-meeting team.

Interestingly enough, their initial celebrity-meeting experiences passed uneventfully, until they got an anonymous message from the world, who fully backed their efforts.

Fueled by a hearty spirit of one-upmanship and the desire to please, Pete and Caleb
have since gone on to become popular
internet personalities due to their
celebrity-meeting prowess. "It's a lot
of hard work meeting celebrities,"
Caleb states bluntly. "However,"
Pete chimes in, "we're up
for the task.".

Although it is a long road of hills and
valleys, Pete and Caleb have vowed to continue meeting celebrities to the joy of several worldwide, and to share their experiences with you the viewer, via this website.